Generating goodwill with existing clients and winning new clients simply through word of mouth is an achievement in itself for any artist.

However, her first brush with worldly fame was in the year 1985, when one of her many designs featured in a cover story in the In-flight magazine of Air India, Namaskar . It was this feature that took Usha to new heights of fame and glamour, which others can only hope to chance upon someday.

Her journey in the glamorous world of Bollywood began when Namarata Dutt, who is the wife to the eminent film personality, Kumar Gaurav, read this first feature in the Namaskar magazine. Impressed with the intricacy of Usha s design she invited Usha to apply on herself and thus became Usha s gateway to the film world. Since then Usha has designed mehendi for many a Bollywood brides , among them being famous personalities like
Kajol,Sangeeta Bijlani and Grooms like Hrithik Roshan, Jackie Shroff, Ajay Devgan.
She was honored, by the Rotary Club of Bombay downtown, for Professional excellence in her field in the year 1994.
Today their art has become part of the media world with her designs being used on performers for sets of movies and ad films. Some of the ads where she has contributed are that of De Beers, Breeze Soaps, and Choice contraceptives.

Usha and Ekta's work has been accredited far and wide with several leading newspapers and magazines running features on her. To name a few Times of India , Indian Express , Midday , Afternoon , Great Looks , Meri Saheli , Magic Carpet - the in-house magazine of Air India. She has also given Interviews on many TV shows like on Style by BBC, Bombay Times by Star Plus, Meri Saheli by Star Plus, Sangini by Zee Tv, Mansi by Zee TV etc.

With these top media vehicles recognizing their work and acting as agents to let the masses know about their work, it is no surprise that today they have clients from every walk of life, be it sports personality, industrialist, business man or an ordinary salaried person. Also their clientele is not restricted to Mumbai or the Indian sub continent. Usha and Ekta have had many occasions where they had to travel across continents to USA, Australia, Europe and Middle East, to designs hands for brides staying on these far away lands.

Equipped with an award for Professional Excellence that was bestowed upon her in 1994, by the Rotary Club of Bombay downtown Usha has gained a reputation on being an authority in the field of Mehendi application. Thus many a colleges and other organizations like Cosmetic Society of India, have requested her to judge various Mehendi competitions organized by them.

Fulfilling her duty of being a citizen of India, Usha is doing her bit. In the past she imparted her skills as vocational training to the less fortunate like members of Federation of the Physically Handicapped (FPH), to women below poverty line, as a part of a movement organized by the MLA of Mumbai, Shri Mangal Prabhat Lodha, where around 1000 women participated.

Despite her fame and growing business, Usha is very alert to her responsibilities towards her family. Which is the reason that, till date she operates from home. As per her, she does not need a fancy setup or office to attract her clients, her work speaks for itself. Though now, with both her children grown up and settled, and Ekta taking keen interest in the business, she might look into setting up an infrastructure.

Usha s accomplishments are a source of inspiration to the modern women of today, who can take lessons from Usha s life, as to how the woman of today can reach high levels of achievement without upsetting the balance of their family life.

Sure, we could tell you about how good we are, but we will let the others do that for us:

"Even though it was 11:45 PM the day before my wedding that both Ekta and I had mutually available time on our hectic schedules, There was no way I would have settled for anyone else to design my bridal Mehendi."- Kavita Maheshwari, Ann Arbor MI (USA)

An Ethereal elegance and an enigma with mehendi - only with you" Ashwini Colven, Jalandhar, Punjab India. 

"Beautiful Craftsmanship - It is a treasured art of India which Shah's have preserved" Shimoni Savara ( Haryana, India)

"This was my dream" Kajol, Bollywood Actress India after seeing her mehendi completed on her hands and arms.

"Design with a deep meaning" Hrithik Roshan Bollywood Actor India on the Design of the sun moon on his hand.

"I have traveled the whole world, and I must say that this is the best mehendi in the world" Demi Moore Hollywood actress India on her mehendi design.